The Best Spring Playlist

My Music Playlist for Spring

Spring is around the corner, and while many will spend their first days spring cleaning I think that it is important to put on the right music while cleaning, because it has been said that having good music while doing a chore can have a positive effect on your mood, to the point where you may feel like doing the same chore twice.
I have thus put together a good playlist that may have you get a Feel Good Spring; some songs for spring cleaning and some just for a chilled spring day. Twenty songs in total.

1.~ Childish Gambino // 3005 (Beach Picnic Version)
Waking up
Straight after waking up and you don’t know which song to listen to on a sweet Spring morning? This song is it. It’s one of the best to wake up with in Spring as it gives a sweet and fresh yet classical vibe, much like running in flower fields or, as the title states, having a picnic on the beach.

2. ~ Anderson .Paak // Parking Lot
Feeling Fresh
So you’ve just started your day, yet you’re still feeling slightly groggy and lifeless, and would like a boost to your day. This is the exact song to bump to, because believe you me, I cannot help but dance and have a feel good attitude about everything when I am listening to this song.

3. ~ Kaytranada // Track Uno
Starting your day
Yes, it’s still the morning, and you’re getting ready to go to school or work; while eating breakfast or brushing your teeth, this may be the song you want to jam to. It really did wonders for me during my school year because quite frankly it was my ‘start your day’ song whenever I rode the bus to school or hanging out with friends before the bell rang. If you happen to listen to it, it could do wonders for you too.

4. ~ Santi // Rapid Fire ft. Shane Eagle & amaarae
On the road to work
While many choose to listen to news or FM songs on their radio in the morning, I do suggest that you listen to this song as it has a certain feel-good, buoyant and cheerful effect about it that leaves you feeling mint for the rest of the day, especially on a wonderful Spring day.

5. ~ Lil Wayne // XO Tour Life ft. Baby E
On the road to a nice outside place
Unexpected for a Spring playlist, right? Trap? Lil Wayne? What? Yes, I said it. So perhaps you’re not going to work/school today, yet it’s a nice Spring day and you feel like heading out to your favourite park, which song do you bump to on the road? That’s right, XO Tour Life Remix by Weezy. Your mood will feel the beauty of Spring.

6. ~ Tyler, The Creator // Pothole ft. Jaden Smith
In the car running an errand
If this song does not make you feel cool, confident and happy while listening to it, then you should probably rethink your life (is everything okay at home?). This jam is forever a vibe if we’re being quite honest, so if you don’t know what song to play in the car on a sweet Spring afternoon then this is it, my friend, this song is it. One of the most enjoyable songs that is versatile and happy by Tyler.

7. ~ Oshun // Gyenyame
In the bath
It’s still a wonderful Spring day, yet you’ve started the day so you took a late, long, Spring bath, but you still don’t know which song to jam to. I totally suggest this one, because it has a smooth, everything-will-be-fine effect about that leaves anyone feeling refreshed, physically, mentally and spiritually.

8. ~ SZA // Garden (Say Like That)
In your feels
Perhaps you’re in your feels after your significant other has just pulled the plug between the two of you, or life is just a bit shaky at the moment and you’d like to dance to it while shedding a couple of tears, then I do highly recommend this song as the mood of it fits the above description, while also having a Spring effect.

9. ~ A$AP Rocky // Buck Shots
While starting to clean
I swear by this song that if you ever feel bored, dull or discouraged and need a song to pump you up (to cleaning, or whatever), this is it! You’d never have to look anywhere else, because it has the complete effect. You will fresh in no time, trust me.

10. ~ Solange // Almeda
While cleaning
Still cleaning and you need something to revive you if you feel that you’re staring to lose energy? No fear, Solange is here. This song, in fact the whole album is a banger that, honestly, anyone can jam to. One particular song that stood out for me, one that made me dance to it immediately if I hear it ringing in my ears, one that made it okay to clean as long as I’m jamming to it, one that made me feel cool and fresh once it’s played, is definitely this one.

11. ~ Oshun // We’re Yung
While cleaning
As much as I’ve already put some cleaning songs in here and an Oshun song, I just had to fit this one in as well. The beat, the artists’s vocals, the lyrics, I have never heard a song so Spring-worthy. It’s really a good one, especially if you’re cleaning with your partner, then you’ll never go wrong cleaning to this and singing along. Plus the music video has just come out, so be sure to check it out.

12. ~ A-Reece // Holding Hands
While cleaning
I know, I know, I’ve already put in two songs dedicated to cleaning, but I just had to fit this one in too. A-Reece really did it with this one because you can’t help but sing along and feel cool while listening to this track. Well actually, almost all of his songs, though this one I’d say I specifically thought out for a Spring vibe.

13. ~ Jinsang // In Flight (full album)
While finishing to clean
This has to be the most relaxing album I have ever encountered by far. The artist himself is genius for making beautiful and breezy albums like these that instantly make you feel calm and laid-back, so it would be wise of you to check him out on Soundcloud, especially while spring is approaching.

14. ~ Frank Ocean // Pink + White ft. Beyonce
Dancing with your partner on a lazy afternoon
Whether you’ve just finished cleaning or on the verge of being done, this song is the perfect song for Spring if you’re lazying about with your significant other for the two of you to just slow dance and enjoy the whole scenario; even the lyrics match up with the scene.

15. ~ Shay Lia // Good Together
While hanging out with your loved one (in a car or porch)
Similar to the song mentioned above, Good Together is yet another sweet and almost-perfect song for Spring with your significant other if the two of you find yourselves lazying around together. The lyrics, the retro-feel about it, Shay Lia’s undescribable voice, this song will have you feeling like nothing’s better in the world than that moment.

16. ~ Erykah Badu // Love Of My Life (Ode To Hip Hop) ft. Common
Relaxed day on a hammock
So this time around you’re not going anywhere for the day, you’ll just spend the day in your yard, basking in the sun, and listening to some Erykah Badu. Let me tell you, this song is the perfect song for that exact mood. Hop on to the hammock, read a book or do something, and start by listening to this song, you will feel at ease and happy like the world is one again.

17. ~ Kaytranada // Bullets ft. Little Dragon
On the road heading home
It’s been a long sunny day and the sun is setting while you’re on your way home from a holiday or vacation, even school. You’d like a song to match your mood? Kaytranada’s got you. From Track Uno, to Bullets, to Vivid Dreams, heck the whole album, this guy will get you hooked. I must say, as much as it is currently his only one, this album is the best. A winner album for a joyous Spring day.

18. ~ Jorja Smith // Lifeboats (Freestyle)
Rainy day while reading a book
Spring still does have rainy days, right? It’s not all clear skies and perfect weathers for chilling outside. Which is why I honestly believe this song was created for days like those, when it’s spring yet the weather is deceiving us of what the it’s supposed to be like. With Jorja’s soft and classical-sounding voice, along with the meaningful lyrics, this may as well be the perfect song to listen to indoors.

19. ~ Blood Orange // Chewing Gum ft. A$AP Rocky & Project Pat
In the dark thinking about life
The spring day is still progress, yet you’ve found yourself in a feeling of contemplating life and the meaning of it. Nothing suicidal, but just deeply thinking about how wonderful it is to live, to experience your existence, along with the emotions of it, sad and happy. Ultimately, this song makes you think a long way, allowing you to feel some sanity.

20. ~ Drake // Jungle
About to go to bed
It’s the end of a good Spring day, you’re feeling rather lethargic, so you’re about to head to bed, I can bet that this song can do just the trick with helping you sleep, especially if played at a low volume, in the dark. Good luck though with getting it out of your mind, because it can be pretty addictive.

21 (Bonus). ~ Ab-Soul // Feelin Us ft. Jay Rock & Ravaughn
Reviving yourself if sad
Spring is not all just sunshine and rainbows, so whether you’ve just heard rather disappointing news, or you’re just not feeling yourself at the moment, trust that you will be feeling them [see what I did there?] As much this song is underrated, it’s one song that can get you back into the mood if you’ve had a bad one. The chorus has a special effect that make you feel good again while feeling content with everything going on in your life.

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