As much as it has been a while since I’ve been gone, I’d say the wait was pretty worth it because for this next, and perhaps last interview of the year, I got to sit down and intwerview an upcoming artist who’s really underrated, but has some really good music. I’m talking about Jae D.E.Continue reading “JAMMING WITH JAE D.E”


For the following interview I have a cool, creative local talent who goes by Crxsby, an underrated artist but one who is quite known for his uniqueness. The twenty-one year old has been in the industry for three years, uploading various songs with a taste of versatility by bringing out any type of music, fromContinue reading “THE CREATIVE CRXSBY”


Hold up, can we just discourse on how this city has one of the most talented artists in this country. You would think they are the clout-type and don’t know what they’re doing, but honestly, I have heard their songs and they know exactly what they are doing, I could listen to them for days.Anyways,Continue reading “SHUFFLE UP WITH SHAUN”


So for this next interview we have the silver-minded Mercuryism, a twenty-three year old rapper who’s very much in love with music and has decided to pursue it to become a locally well-known rapper and one who’s loved by many for his humble yet fresh personality, and unique voice. I’ve taken the time to askContinue reading “THE MELLOW MERCURYISM”


Yes I have noticed that I’ve been focusing too much on self-care that one wouldn’t even know that blog is actually also about fashion, the upliftment of artists from Port Elizabeth and travel. So I have decided to cook up an interview with one of my favorite Port Elizabeth rappers, a young gentleman who goesContinue reading “INTRODUCING WZDM”

The Best Spring Playlist

My Music Playlist for Spring Spring is around the corner, and while many will spend their first days spring cleaning I think that it is important to put on the right music while cleaning, because it has been said that having good music while doing a chore can have a positive effect on your mood,Continue reading “The Best Spring Playlist”


15 SHORT FACTS ABOUT MYSELF Quick Introduction I believe I did not actually introduce myself quite properly. So here it goes. The name is Sandiswa. I am an eighteen year old, going to ninenteen in October, and I’ve just finished high school. I live Port Elizabeth, which is this small underrated city in South Africa.Continue reading “GET TO KNOW ME”

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