Quick Introduction

I believe I did not actually introduce myself quite properly. So here it goes. The name is Sandiswa. I am an eighteen year old, going to ninenteen in October, and I’ve just finished high school.
I live Port Elizabeth, which is this small underrated city in South Africa. Yup, I’m African. A proud African young goddess. As much as this, the living in an almost unknown city, being so young and being African may seem a little far from (even having the potential to be) something huge, like you know, almost everyone in my country (or even continent) knowing my name, I am a girl with big dreams.
Anyways, let’s jump into the facts, because that’s where it’s more interesting, I think.

The Facts

1.I come from a family of 5, now 4, since my parents have divorced, exactly ten years ago. I have two older sisters, both in varsity, and I live with my mother. In particular, we live in a small town called Despatch just next to Port Elizabeth, though I’ll just say I’m from Port Eli as I grew up there and left in 2012.

2. I am African. I mean yes, I’ve already announced this before but just to add on, along with my ‘africanicity’ I come from a beautiful tribe called the Xhosa tribe, meaning I speak IsiXhosa fluently. It is my mother tongue.

3. I am in love with astrology/zodiac. Well actually, in love is an understatement, I am obsessed. Do not ask me why, just don’t. No one questions that. Lol, but anyways, to answer those who may also be as obsessed as I am, I’m a Libra sun, Capricorn moon and Sagittarius rising. The confusion of it all! Trust me, I know.

4. I am learning to speak Portuguese. Pretty odd for a young African child who’s never even left her province (I’m embarrassed enough, leave me alone), considering that Africans have this deep rooted beef with Europeans that looks like it’s nowhere near ending, but I’m actually more interested in visiting Mozambique, I am just in love with the country. That’s about it. Plus being multilingual, or even a polyglot, would sound really nice next to my name.

5. My favourite number is the number five. I just had to add that as a fact haha. Maybe because my birthday is on the 5th of October or maybe because it’s the number in the middle of single digit numbers, which may clearly state how much of Libra I am, all this indecisiveness and balance.

6. I have a never-ending huge crush on ASAP Rocky. Nevermind that he’s also a Libra, nevermind that his birthday is 2 days before my birthday, nevermind that his fashion sense is top 2 and not 2 on the list of most fashionable men on this green earth, he is just ultimately the most gorgeous and handsome young man in the world. Funny, respectable, super cool and thoughtful. Oh, and he is my husband, he just doesn’t know it yet.

7. I am 160cm tall, which I think is 5’3 in feet. Honestly, I’ve considered that short (and maybe I still kind of do), until I searched some of the most famous celebrities (Cardi B) and some other favourite instagram models (@Sahlt_) and realized that I’m actually not that short.

8. My life path number is 8, just to clear that up, and I am pretty much the disciplined and hard-working number 8 that they describe. So you can basically really expect an organized and an ambitious person, who’s quite a visionary, throughout this blog.

9. I am Roman Catholic. I’ve been baptized, had my holy communion, all of that. I still very much am a spiritual person and believe in God, but I’m not too fond of the bible and church. I have certain reasons, but that doesn’t mean I do not believe in God and His beautiful creations.

10. I am a huge of fan of Oshun (the female duo). Their songs are very creative and make so much sense in my life. They also dress exactly the way I’d like to dress when I am moneyed. Lastly, they are very beautiful African women who take pride in their africanicity.

11. My nickname is Mbali, which means flower. I got it in 2014 though, and so numerous people (especially those close to me) like to argue with that or hate on it because it’s not on my birth certificate or whatever, it’s the weirdest thing ever because I’m not too sure why it hurts them.

12. I am currently taking a gap year at home. I’m hoping to do either Journalism or Bachelor of Arts in a university outside of my city or at least outside of my province in 2020. My reasons for taking the gap year are pretty complicated, though I must say it is much need and I suggest it for many learners that are reaching the end of high school.

13. My favourite show is… actually a cartoon. Steven Universe. The best, most creative and low-key the wisest cartoon to ever be created, right above Rick and Morty. My favourite show that isn’t a cartoon would have to be either Insecure or Grown-ish. I also watch a bit of anime at times.

14. My favourite meal would have to be… actually a snack. Sweet and sour wings from my local supermarket Spar. Those wings mean everything to me, because the taste is indescribable. I could munch on them all day, along with some cold, fresh lemonade.

15. Last but not least, I am actually a lowkey artist. I go by the name of Solis Red, for now, (I’m considering changing it in the future) who is a rapper and vocalist, then I am also part of a duo and a band, which actually has not officially begun yet, but be on the look out because my visionary trait has quite blast coming forth.

Conclusively, this is how you can describe me. A young, fun yet hard-working woman who may be a paradox, though she’s really just a gem.

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