Sleep, Study, Social Media

So, lately, we live in a society where perfection is basically the main goal, especially if you have a good phone, you attend school or college, and have a brain that needs sleep (so that your skin can start glowing or whatever). At the end of the day, we’re just trying to nail good grades, stay poppin’ on these social apps and have a healthy body, though it’s been said that of these 3 S’s you can never maintain more than two. I am here to prove that wrong. These four steps will have you up-top in no time. It’s just all about finding balance, so let me teach you, my little buds.

  1. Prioritizing
    It is extremely important to prioritize as this will help you get things in order. The only good way to achieve all three is honestly just knowing and being able to prioritize. This means knowing which of these is important, which in most cases is School, unless sleep is the most important to you because you listen to your body, so that you are not mixed up and clueless about how to keep your social life, studies and sleeping routine in tact. This is the main reason why many people fail at nailing all three, because they do not prioritize, which means knowing what’s most important.
    After prioritizing whichever one, consider it to be the main goal of the day whenever you wake up, always keeping in mind that that priority should be achieved during the day, then leave the less important stuff for when you’ve conquered your priority.
  2. Creating a schedule
    This is an important step as this will help you know when to do each task and how much time to spend on them, because if you don’t have a schedule then your day will be mixed up with a task being half-done at a time that another task should’ve been done, or spending too much time on a certain task that does not necessarily need a lot of time spent on.
    In this case, you may want to create a schedule and write it in your journal, notes, diary or whichever pad you frequently find yourself doodling on. That way, when you feel bored yet you know that you still have a task at hand, then you can check up on that pad to remind yourself on what you should be doing and when.
    For example, if it is studying (that’s your priority), you will wake up, check on your diary and know that at 9am you should start studying. That way, you have enough time to get your life in order before you begin, whereas if you did not have a schedule, you would wake up doing useless things and by the time you realize you should be studying you have already wasted a lot of time, and then start stressing. Reason being,. scheduling is important.
  3. Focusing on the task at hand
    While you may have now prioritized everything and have set a schedule, it never really truly counts if you’re not focusing on the task at hand, because when you’re not focused you’ll soon realize that you’re wasting time. What I mean by focus does not necessarily mean straining and putting your whole mind into it, more than being in that zone while doing your task, without letting any distractions to be fed. Brush any distractions off then get back into what you are doing.
    For example, if you are sleeping, stay sleeping. Do not now sleep for a couple of hours then wake up to watch something when really, you know your body needs sleep. Even with social media too, if you are on your phone and have scheduled to stay on your phone for an hour, be on your phone for that hour because you have set a schedule for it. Stay there and do whatever you’ve been wanting to do, so that you know when the time is up then you won’t want to go back because you focused on doing what you should be doing at the time.
  4. Do not layer yourself
    This means that you shouldn’t be biting off more than you can chew, so you are basically narrowing down the task in quantities. If you have a certain amount of that task to do, then do only that certain amount and do not go overboard and overdo it, because if you do more than that then you will just end up being stressed as to how you can fit whatever you want to do in a certain time. Plus, when it’s a new day and you have that task again, you have run out as you’ve already spent a lot doing that task then.
    It’s easier to put it into quantities and only focusing on that quantitiy for that time. With that, you can expect a quality achievement as you have put in enough time and did not rush do the task. You did the moderate amount at the time, and you did it the best way. For example, if you are studying, study only a limited amount for that certain period, knowing that your brain is at ease and you will know where and how to carry on for the next time.

In the end, I can assure you that these tasks are not that hard to maintain if you follow the above steps. Ultimately, it’s all about finding balance within yourself so that you may bring balance upon your lifestyle. By that, you will want to enact in these four simple steps.

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