So yes, I am an eighteen year old girl from just across the street with nothing more than her ID card, empty bank account and about 80c to her name, BUT the whole idea is that, inside, I have way more than that. I have dreams (or idealistic visions if you must, but I prefer dreams) where I am this luxurious, ostentatious and rather wealthy young woman who will conquer all her dreams if it is the last thing she does.

THE DREAMS ¬ Well I have more than R20 000 in my bank account that I can do whatever thou wilt with it. I am conversationally fluent in Portuguese so perhaps I can travel to Portugal soon. Though honestly, I’ll probably start with Indonesia first – journey to the beautiful Bali, hopefully with someone I call my bae. Then a couple months later, we jet off to Thailand where we land in the stunning Phuket, not forgetting Bangkok. Then eventually, take a long and lovely visit to Portugal (Lisbon to be specific) for at least 2 months. Brazil, London and Dubai are also on the list but we’ll have to look at the budget. I would’ve also added France, but I’m pretty certain that’s where I want to have our honeymoon. I mean I wouldn’t want to finish the list and we’re now stuck after the wedding as to where to honeydaze.

It’s pretty interesting how I think for someone who doesn’t have a rand to her name. But then again, as I’ve said the whole idea is that, inside, I have way more than that. I would say I am simply manifesting.


In terms of self-care, caring for oneself, taking care of thyself, well… I have dreams for those too, though they’re not quite what you’d presume. Call me superficial if you must but for me, they’re more external than internal, such as my lifestyle. That is simply because I think I have developed myself enough internally. I’ve had the best of days, I’ve had the worst of days, and I would like to conclude that I pretty much know myself almost completely. I say almost because there are still things I am yet to encounter and who knows how I’ll react to them. At my usual though, I have drawn quite a graph about who I am, what I’ve gone through, how I’ve dwelled into my emotions, how I bounced back, and just ultimately how I keep presenting myself to the world. I love it all. It’s fascinating and teaches me a lot. Plus hey, I am still rather an adolescent, each encounter is part of growing up, we all go through it, so I don’t take much negative interest in it. I love my happiness.

Anyways, enough about my internals, let’s talk about my externals. My ‘dreams’ (visions). If I was to ever experience them, what are they?

Well, for starters, I have my own good, distinctive bedroom with a mini-studio for my artsy creativities that I tend to have, such as drawing, photography, music and all that sort. It’s nicely decorated too, with a cute side lamp that lights the room in a pink-ish way (or maybe fairy-lights), some crystals adorning the table, the room smelling of sweet incense or scented-candles, polaroid photos of my best friends and I hanging on the wall, as well as posters of my favourite artists and fashion icons, and a radio in the corner for some forever-music playing in the background (most probably my soundcloud faves Jinsang or City-girl).

I have rich and lengthy hair now, finally. The whole taking-care-of-it is starting to show. My skin has gotten better too, after those lame pimples were invading my forehead because I have oily skin, but now I have sweet, loving skin-care routine. As for my hair, I have a routine as well, and it is now growing faster than Usain sprinting. Well maybe I’m exaggerating, but I finally have long and healthy hair after years of begging it to grow. Thank heavens.

I eat proper (okay well this is both internal and external), with healthy bi-hourly meals, and maybe some ice-cream before I go to bed, because hey I have beeen losing weight it’s getting scary. Now I’m able to fit into my pants and shirts without the saggy bits, while my appetite is doing great again (hopefully for good) after it kept running away because of what I’d call my ‘Intensely-Overwhelming-Depressed-Episodes’ (IODE). Just these blips of unpleasant minutes I spend ‘hating myself’ and I just have these sad emotions that spiral out of control and I feel like flushing myself. [Really trying to make it seem a little more stupid and less deep than it actually is.]


When I say entertainment, I mean artsy things by the way. Music, photography, drawing, the people that create these creativities, just things that please the eyes, ears and hands.
So, goals for those too?

Well I am in a duo with my best friend and we’re on the road to releasing an album soon. Though I’m also in a trio band with my other best friend and cousin, I’m managing it all pretty well. Within 3 years we are performing at festivals and concerts, perhaps even go international. Music basically takes up a third of my day (sleeping with one third, eating and learning Portuguese with the other). With that too, I make a bit of unexpected profit. Unexpected because I’d expect money from a profession, not a hobby. But here we are. Expecting it. So it’s no longer unexpected, huh? Oh well, next.


I’m perfecting my fashion-trait. I basically set trends, because I mean I already have the fashion trait, but I have now perfected it to the point where I set incredible trends for my peers, and maybe daughters one day. I have a lot clothes, and I mean A LOT. They’re not even designer wear, but they make the statement. The Sandy Statement that is. I am now basically the younger version of Bella Hadid, Fran Drescher and Cher Horowitz, my fashion icons, who are unsurprisingly all Libras, like me, and A$AP Rocky (the ultimate black male trendsetter of our time). Guess you could call us fashion masters now. [P.s, I would mention my other fashion faves (Stefneyv and Aaliyah) but they’re not necessarily Libras.]


Then conclusively, I also have this amazing blog that’s flourishing, along with a YouTube channel to go hand in hand with it. They’re running at a magical pace because they’re just what I’ve dreamed of. That is, the blog has a cute theme with sets of categories for travelling, self-care, fashion and Portie People.
Portie People is where I showcase people from here in Port Elizabeth, city of thrones (like how Jo’burg is the city of gold and Cape Town is the city of I don’t know, tourist attractions I guess (Table Mountain), the most amazing people come from here. Well, Eastern Cape in total but same thing) who are artists. They collect, they consume and they create superb content. This little city that actually has so much potential, so I am here to bring it to light so that it may be recognized for the best. I am here for it.

That’s it. That’s the way I’m living. That’s my lifestyle.

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