Hold up, can we just discourse on how this city has one of the most talented artists in this country. You would think they are the clout-type and don’t know what they’re doing, but honestly, I have heard their songs and they know exactly what they are doing, I could listen to them for days.Anyways,Continue reading “SHUFFLE UP WITH SHAUN”


So for this next interview we have the silver-minded Mercuryism, a twenty-three year old rapper who’s very much in love with music and has decided to pursue it to become a locally well-known rapper and one who’s loved by many for his humble yet fresh personality, and unique voice. I’ve taken the time to askContinue reading “THE MELLOW MERCURYISM”


Yes I have noticed that I’ve been focusing too much on self-care that one wouldn’t even know that blog is actually also about fashion, the upliftment of artists from Port Elizabeth and travel. So I have decided to cook up an interview with one of my favorite Port Elizabeth rappers, a young gentleman who goesContinue reading “INTRODUCING WZDM”

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