Yes I have noticed that I’ve been focusing too much on self-care that one wouldn’t even know that blog is actually also about fashion, the upliftment of artists from Port Elizabeth and travel. So I have decided to cook up an interview with one of my favorite Port Elizabeth rappers, a young gentleman who goes by Wzdm.

Wzdm is a young, upcoming artist born and raised in King William’s Town (about three hours from Port Elizabeth) and recently moved here to jump-start his rapping career as he felt that he could gain more recognition from this wonderful city. Wzdm, who also happens to be my cousin, is a nineteen year old soundclound rapper who’s working his way to the top and has a passion for music. This interview has been a way of acknowledging what type of an artist he is with his fresh talent.

  1. What does being an artist mean to you?
    Being an artist means having a certain type of mindset that involves creating and it also involves making your thoughts and ideas come to life in an art form or unique way that expresses or shows a lot about who you are as a person.
  2. What does being a rapper, specifically, mean to you?
    To me, being a rapper means expressing and putting my thoughts and ideas in one art form; which is music.
  3. Describe the way you exhume your art (your style) ?
    I’m the kind of rapper that raps on trap beats, like instead of trapping or sounding mainstream, i stick to my old style of rapping but on a new wave sound which i think will make me a relevant rapper considering that most people trap nowadays.
  4. How long have you been doing this and how did it begin ?
    Yo its only been a few months, like 9 months. I wanted to do this since high school but I had no platform or idea on how to start it until i met Mercury. He showed me that you can music right off your bedroom and ever since then i took the idea and i bought my own stuff and now i make music at home without any studio time payed for.
  5. What are your short term goals (less than a year) ?
    As a rapper, I wanna work with a lot of people around here because I’m the kind that believes that artists should work together so they learn from each other and improve each other’s style. And i also wanna engineer people’s music, like if they can’t mix their songs they can hit me up and i would do it for a fair price.
  6. What are your long term goals (more than a year) ?
    I wanna work with more people, around here and outside here. Meet new artists, create a lot more, oh and yeah I guess I could use a girlfriend this music shit can make a nigga lonely. I also wanna be a well known rapper around here, do shows locally & support other artists.
  7. What motivates/inspires you to do this and keep doing it ?
    The music I listen to man, on an international scale Lil Wayne inspires me and on a local scale Mercury inspires me. Every time I hear their music I learn a lot from them and how they find themselves through music and how they manifest their sound is so motivational . Yeah, man, they are by far the reason I got hooked on making music. I would mention a lot of people but yeah this is just to say the least.
  8. If you were to do anything besides this, what would it be and why that ?
    I’d do anything that has to do with the internet, I love being on the internet and I know a lot about the internet or I’d do anything that has to do with technology and art, because I grew around those things and they play a huge role on the person that I am.
  9. Who else do you recognize as doing what you are doing and love locally ?
    A lot of local artists, but ShaunKlaas and Mercury are the hardest working niggas I know around here that are doing what I love and I guess I could say I look up to that kind of work ethic, and I look forward to working as hard as them.
  10. What advice would you give anyone who’s following the same path ?
    Man, inspiration is everywhere, don’t be afraid to start small because the little you do could lead to a whole lot of new discoveries that might make you a better creative. You don’t necessarily have to look far for inspiration, it is everywhere.

Wise words from the wise man Wzdm. Be sure to check him out on soundcloud to keep up with his latest music, and comment down below any questions you may have for him.

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