I’ve recently become quite a big fan of soft skin that smells good and looks healthy. Skin that is soft not only looks nourished, it also gives an advance to skin that won’t age quickly, as your skin is feeling youthful so it won’t have to feel or look old for as long as you live.

There are as little as four steps to ensure that your skin becomes and stays soft, that way you don’t have to apply so much on the days you have important events where you’d like to wear short clothes that show your sensational skin, or just want to go to bed with a feel of a breeze.

  1. Moisturizing
    The most important way, and one that anyone who knows about soft skin can tell you, is to always moisturize and to stay moisturize. Moisture is the key to anything healthy, whether it be skin, hair, nails, internal organs and even plants, moisture and nourishment will allow to go a long way. Though it also very necessary to not just moisturize with any moisturizer, but one that suits and works for your skin specifically because one can have oily skin and use heavyweight products that will only cause oilier skin, or have dry skin and apply lightweight products that absorb quickly and just dry out during the day so make sure to review your products before purchasing them.
    A good moisturizer for soft skin though (especially dry skin) and one that also protects the skin is suncreen. Suncreen is a very good moisturizer as it contains heavyweight ingredients to ensure deep nourishment and leaves you with a glossy and satiny look. So, note, wearing clothes after showering is a no. Always prioritze moisturizing for healthy skin.
  2. Shaving
    The next most important way to achieve soft skin is through the most nerve-racking (for me) yet pre-eminent act. Shaving. I mean it is quite easy and leaves you feeling super cleansed and luscious, yet the act of doing it can be require scrupulous practice so do make sure to use your hands delicately while doing it because it’s pretty easy to be accidentally cut (speaking from unexpected experience). On the positive side though, shaving is such a great way to have baby soft skin because if you do think about it babies are not hairy and perhaps that’s what makes them so soft haha. On the real though, it can attract dirty and unwanted particles. that can sit on the hair for a while.
    There are a number of ways to shave, including shaving the classic way by using shaving creams and razors, using Nair which is a hair remover cream, or waxing. All ways are easy but I would personally say that the safest way is to use a hair remover cream (Nair). The only thing about it though is that hair grows back within less than a week, so you’d have to use it consistently. Do trust though that shaving and moisturizing immediately leave you with soft skin.
  3. Washing
    I mean we all know how important washing is, but the key is to wash daily and with a body wash that still leaves your skin moisturized, such as Dove. This has a great effect on leaving your skin soft because a dirty skin can only lead to dryness and rough skin. What’s also good about washing, especially with very warm water is that it opens your pores to allow for skin to breathe and healthy humid air to enter into the skin and allow for deep nourishment. This ultimately leads to cleansed and nourished skin, the recipe for baby soft skin.
    As much as it is normal to use soaps that contain sodium palmate, such as Protex and Dettol, they also have the ability to dry out skin so it would be best to use a body wash that is nourishing to leave skin smooth instead of rough, such as Radox, which can be found at your nearest supermarket.
  4. Exfoliating
    Exfoliation is another important yet underrated way to leave your skin smooth because yes, skin can be washed and you’ll be clean, but exfoliation is a way to deeply cleanse your skin because any excess dirt particles and dead skin cells are removed. This leads to new skin cells being formed that are still youthful and alive, leaving skin soft in an instant, but the only thing about it is that it can leave skin dry and rough since there’s no cuticle to protect the skin anymore so it’s pretty essential to moisturize right after exfoliating to ensure that the skin is still protected and nourished to still leave it soft.
    Body scrubs (natural/homemade and organic) are great ways to exfoliate your skin, though some can be heavy on the pocket so it’s best to use homemade ones, such as brown sugar and honey.

Ultimately, there are many ways to leave your skin soft. These are just the few and inexpensive ways that can have an immediate effect, and you’ll feel amazing in no time.
If you know an extra way to leave skin soft, comment down below, I’d like to know.

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