My Top Ten Outfits

As this is a blog with a fashion category, it would be wise of me to feature my sense of style as I have put much of the focus on self-care and hair, so I have to decided to put together some of my favourite outfits in my closet so that you can get a closer look at what kind of style I am into and who I am fashion-wise.

  1. The Relaxed Feel

For this outfit, it’s pretty simple yet elegant, a striped dress with sandals (unseen but sure to complete the look). It’s the type of outfit to just relax on your porch/veranda on a sunny day or head to your nearest fast-food joint and enjoy some lemonade with, all just about relaxing. Another thing is that it is tight-fitting to show off your best assets, so if want to feel confident and relaxed, you can pull this off (or on in this case).

  • Dress from Edgars

2. The Sporty Feel

If you just so happen to be into sports yet can’t find the right outfit to head to Athletic’s Day or Derbys with, this is it. A simple white sports shirt paired with your favourite chic skirt, mine being a black and white patterned skirt (and it is honestly one of my faves because it goes with almost any top), and some white sneakers then you’re good to go. What I also love about this outfit is that it makes feel all professional as if I’m about to go play some golf or tennis, just the fit for business-casual.

  • Skirt from Mr Price
  • T-Shirt from PEP

3. The Spring Feel

As we all know, Spring has sprung, and so have the dresses waiting to be worn in your wardrobe. For this outfit, I’ve decided to take one of my favourite dresses (I swear I am always wearing this dress) along with a plain orange top and a pair of gladiators to form a spring-feel look perfect for going to the beach or to just bask in the sun with. This outfit also gives me a picnic feel, though I haven’t gone much to the park yet, but all of it gives a happy vibe just to let people know that hey it is still spring.

  • Dress from Edgars
  • Top from Jet

4. The Casual-Day Feel

Well for those who attend school or work or whatever, it won’t always be uniform or fancy outfits, so casual days call for casual outfits, and what better way than with a simple jean with your best sweater. For me, I have chosen my favourite jeans (more on the jeggings side though), with this really nice pink sweater. Funny story about this sweater is that I bought it accidentally, thinking it was another pink sweater I fit on while shopping, instead I grabbed the wrong one when it was time to pay, then when I arrived home I felt that this sweater is actually not the same one. I thought about returning it but every-time I would plan to go back, something came up and I went somewhere else instead, and so for the whole month the sweater just stayed there, with the tag on. It eventually became too late to return and now I’ve learnt to love (and I seriously love it now) but I still have the tag on as a reminder to always return clothes as soon as possible.

  • Sweater from Edgars
  • Jeans from The Fix

5. The On-The-Road Feel

For this outfit I decided to pair my favourite crop top, denim skirt with a denim jacket and black sneakers to get an on-the-road feel, for when I am on the road, whether it be on the car heading to the market or walking around running errands since I live in a commercial area, when I just wanna feel cool, chic yet busy I put this on. As much as this skirt has become almost-overrated I still wear it like it came out yesterday because it describes me perfectly, as well as this crop top with it’s rich red colour, giving a sweet, passionate feel.

  • Crop Top from Edgars
  • Skirt from Mr Price
  • Denim Jacket from Edgars

6. The All-Black Feel

If we are being honest, everyone has that all-black outfit in their closet, it has become an unofficial must. As for me, I really just have simple things for this all-black feel, a plain black top, black jeans, black sneakers (Vans) and a very dark navy jacket. The navy jacket gives it more of an approachable vibe rather than a bomber jacket which would be more intimidating and ‘cool’. One could also top it off with black shades/sunglasses, but I went against it since it clashes with the navy jacket. All in all though, an outfit like this is wearable for almost any occasion.

  • Top from Jet
  • Jeans from Woolworths
  • Jacket from Mr Price

7. The Party Feel

I’ve put this one together knowing that olive is one of my favourite colours and a bralette is the most convenient thing in my closet, you could wear it as a top or a bra, this time around I went for top because it’s complete on its own for this party-feel look. Some black sneakers, the colours matching and the denim jacket is the cherry on top, whether it be a day party or a night party, slip on some hoop-earrings for extra effect and you’re good to go.

  • Bralette from The Fix
  • Jacket from Edgars
  • Leggings from Edgars (a product of Free2BU)

8. The Sassy Feel

This outfit is pretty simple, a pair of jeans and a sleeveless top just to walk around anywhere feeling sassy, the gold hoop earrings and gold sandals complete it. One could also add some dark lipstick and accessories if you feel that it is too simple, but I went for bare because I want the focus to be on the outfit more than the accessories that would it illude it to be more sassy than it already is.

  • Top from Legit
  • Jeans from Edgars

9. The Brunch Feel

As soon as I put this one together I already felt that this outfit was for going out to a brunch with my friends or sisters on a chilled, sunny afternoon at a nice restaurant. I barely ever but pants that are not jeans but I knew I needed these ones in my closet because they go with plenty of my t-shirts, plus they’re really cute. Pairing all of this with gold sandals and bronze sunny shades finishes the whole look.

  • Top from Mr Price
  • Pants from Mr Price

10. The Tomboy Feel

I never knew I need a tracksuit in my wardrobe until I bought this fresh two-piece that I fell in love with the minute I saw it, it describes me pretty well because I can be sporty and some sort of tomboy at times and I love the colour black, the stripes give a cool effect as well, paired with some white sneakers it is a vibe. This time around I decided to smile though because I have been smirking and smizing. I barely ever smile in pictures, but here it is, the tomboy ending off with a smile.

So, tell me what was your favourite from these, I’d really like to know. Leave a comment.

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