Organic oils are basically oils that come from directly from earth to household use and are not mixed with anything chemical or mineralized (if it is mineralized it is normally known as mineral oils). As a natural-things person, I like searching ways to beautify myself naturally and that are not too heavy on the pocket, fortunately I have found that organic oils is the way to go as they have many specialized uses. Some uses are quite widely known, while others are not. I will be mentioning five of the most useful ways to use the three most common organic oils; coconut oil, castor oil and olive oil.

  • Coconut oil –
    Coconut oil is pretty popular for its many uses and it is a very, if not most, versatile organic oil to exist. It contains sources of monounsaturated fat that can help with the body and hair. It is also high in fatty acids which makes it an oil that is easier and quicker to absorb.
  1. Skin
    While it’s pretty obvious that almost all organic oils can be used for the skin, coconut oil is pretty useful in the fact that it moisturizes and also protects your skin from the UV rays of the sun. It is a lightweight formula which consists of a sun protection factor of 7, making it better to moisturize with than not moisturizing at all and having your skin exposed to a damaging environment. Another plus, is that it smells good.
  2. Hair
    At this point I’m sure we all know that coconut oil has quite an effect in the growth, maintenance and nourishment of hair. It’s fatty acids help to seal and protect the moisture in the hair strands, making it a good conditioner during wash day. Another thing is that even if your hair is not damp, it can help in repairing dry and brittle hair leaving your hair protected and maintainable enough to comb out, only if it is warm though.
  3. Stretch Marks
    While some have come to start embracing their stretch marks, others pretty much still struggle with them and have been looking up ways to make them less visible. A way to do this (one that I have found to work for my mom, as I’m the type to embrace them) is mixing coconut oil, methylated spirits and glycerin then applying it directly on those stretch marks.
  4. Eating
    Pretty weird that coconut oil has become popular in helping hair and skin that some people have not even known it can be useful for eating too (I used to be one of them). Well, coconut is also for digesting, and if you happen to run out of fish oil or sunflower oil, coconut oil is quite an alternative. What also helps with it is that it is lightweight more than most oils, such as vegetable oil, thus making it safer to cook with at a high temperature.
  5. Shaving
    Perhaps you’ve run out of shaving cream but you’re feeling quite hairy and would just really like to get back to that silky feel. Well, if you have enough coconut oil, no stress – you have yourself an alternative. Simply melt 500ml, leave it to lukewarm temperature then apply on your skin and shave. Try to take a warm bath/shower before you shave though so that your body is still warm enough for the oil, or if not then shave quickly as the oil can harden after some time.
  • Castor oil –
    Castor oil is another great oil that has various uses. It has just about the same versatility as coconut oil though it has a thicker and less watery consistency as compared to coconut oil, and can be known to be a vegetable oil while also having medicinal, bodily and digestive uses.
  1. Hair.
    Castor oil is great with hair, more so Jamaican Black Castor Oil. It’s thick and ‘gooey’ texture manages to also thicken hair and deeply nourish it for the longest time. It has stimulants that help to strengthen hair and help with thinning and dryness. It is also one of the best oils to use for pre-pooing as the nourishment will protect the strands and prevent many chemicals from trying to damage your hair, while leaving your hair smelling soo good.
  2. Nails.
    An underrated use for castor oil is that it also helps with growing nails. Nails and hair are known to be similar as they both contain a fibrous protein known as keratin; so if it can strengthen and protect the hair then it may as well do the same with nails. If you’re looking for ways to grow your nails or strengthen them after experiencing harsh conditions (e.g- removal of acrylic nails), then castor oil will be your best friend. Simply warm it up and dip your fingers for ten minutes daily, or if you lack patience then apply it as you would a nail polish.
  3. Laxative.
    Well this is no surprise that castor oil can also be used as a laxative, but what does it have to do with beauty, right? Well the secret to looking good is feeling good, you still have to work and make happy your internal organs in order for your external organs (skin and beauty whatnots) to be happy too. Castor oil thus helps your digestive system against consipation which is defs not a nice feeling, and it can be purchased at your nearest pharmacy.
  4. Wound-healer
    If you were to ever cut yourself in the kitchen but you can’t find any ointment after washing it out, then don’t worry, castor oil has your back (or finger). As mentioned before castor oil has strengthening stimulants which are really helpful for hair, nails as well as skin. Castor oil will nourish your skin while working to repair any damaged skin cells caused by bruises and cuts and preventing any infections, so ultimately it is good a wound-healer.
  5. Feet
    As I’ve been mentioning, the heavyweight formula of castor oil also helps in nourishing skin cells, so moisturizing your feet with castor oil will sure do the job of softening them and deeply nourishing to the point where they can be easy to exfoliate which will help to remove those dead skin cells and leaving them soft.
  • Olive oil –
    Olive oil is another useful organic oil which serves as a nourishment for many bodily things. In my personal opinion I would say that olive oil is basically a mixture of coconut oil and castor oil; not too heavy yet not too light either, but it still does the job to nourish and maintain health on your body.
  1. Hair.
    As you know by now all organic oils are significant in the growth and nourishment of hair, olive oil included. Olive is one of the best organic oils for hair as its main job is to leave hair shining and well-nourished. Unlike other organic oils, olive oil lasts long and you’ll barely worry about your hair being sticky or heavy. It is also an awesome scalp massager, helping to nourish the scalp as well, thus preventing dandruff.
  2. Body.
    Olive oil is helpful for your skin as well because the thick consistency helps in deeply nourishing the skin while actively improving some skin conditions such as eczema and any skin irritation. Make sure to rub the affected areas everyday and most probably within a week you’ll see a major improvement.
  3. Oil Pulling
    Another underrated use for organic oils is oil-pulling (also known as kavala) which is an ancient act of swishing a spoon of oil in your mouth for about 20 minutes, while making sure you are extremely hungry while doing it. It is a way to whiten teeth while inhibiting bad breath by drawing out any toxins, thus improving your oral health. I find that olive oil works best as it is not too lightweight nor too heavyweight; just right to swish around my gums.
  4. Exfoliating.
    If you’ve been feeling that your skin is pretty musty or just needs some exfoliating, olive oil can be of great help. Simply mix it with some brown sugar and apply on your skin then brush it out making sure to gather all the dead skin cells, then wash off with warm water and apply a good moisturizer. This will leave your skin smooth, nourished and very clean.
  5. Make up Remover
    So you’ve happened to have applied some make up and you’d just like to remove it but cannot find any make up removers. Even water won’t do the trick. Yelp, what now? No worries, if you have olive oil in the cupboard, just dab a bit of it on a cotton ball or pad and apply to the area with make up. Within 10 seconds, you’re all good and all you need to do is wash your face and moisturize.

Do you know any other uses for organic oils? Let me know down below.

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