Spring has sprung, and what better way to start it than with a glow that can warm you up for Summer [pun unintended].

If you look at my previous post, I discussed the importance of knowing what skin type you have and how this can help you in determining the products you should use for your skin. Along with that I have decided to discuss my specific skin care routine that applies to the type of skin I have, which as it turns out is oily-combination, (remember my funny story in the previous post), so if you have one too it may help you out.

My skin care routine is actually pretty simple and easy for someone who has a oily-combination skin type, because you would think that I use a bunch of products to prevent my skin from being too oily or too dry or breaking out. In all honesty, there are only as much as three products that I use daily. The catch though, is that I really do have to use them everyday because one day skipped is a welcoming for breakouts, blackheads and many impurities. Luckily, another thing that has helped for me is that genetically I am blessed with good skin so if this skin care routine does not work for you then genetics could be a factor as to why your skin is still acting up, as well as medical conditions perhaps. Though I do urge that you incorporate it into your daily routine if you have similar skin type to mine and stay as patient as three weeks to see a difference. It has helped me a lot.

As I’ve mentioned, there are three products I use; a face wash, a toner and a moisturizer – all playing their own important role. Occasionally you may also use an exfoliator, which is actually pretty effective in deeply cleansing the surface of the skin, but for my routine I have not found the need to use it yet as my skin is happy and pimple-free.


The Face wash

The importance of a face wash is pretty much self-explanatory. It is designed to wash your face and cleanse all your impurities that build during the day. My specific face wash is the Garnier Skin Active Deep Clean Face Wash for Oil control (R19 at Clicks). The reason why I love this face wash is because it really is a deep cleaner – sensitively scrubbing the dirt I’ve gathered all over my face, and I feel so much more refreshed after washing with it than with ordinary soap which will only dry my skin and lightly clean my face than deeply cleansing it. It also contains Zinc and Eucalyptus extract which can tighten pores after cleansing them while also leaving you hydrated. Oh and it cools your face, leaving you feeling mint.

The Toner

A toner is important because it tones your face, it puts your face in shape by tightening your skin in a feel-good way and collecting any residue impurities that stayed on your face after your face wash. (Yup, you can still have a bit of dirt even after you’ve wash your face, which is why a toner is essential to a skin care routine.)
For a toner, I specially use the Cuticura Facial Toner for Oil control (R25 at Dischem) I seriously love this toner for my routine as it thoroughly cleanses my face while still giving me a glow instead of drying me out. I also love that it contains witch hazel which at this point is like this little magic potion for clearer skin (it’s really just this astringent that is designed to relieve your skin from inflammation while shrinking your pores and reduces skin irritation), and it smells really good.

The Moisturizer

The importance of a moisturizer is that it leaves your skin hydrated after washing your face. Hydration is key to healthy skin, with any skin type for that matter. A moisturizer is still just as important for oily skin, so don’t think you can skip it. If you do decide to skip it, be prepared for even oilier skin and break outs.
The moisturizer I use is one that works so wonderfully for me. It is the Clere Oil Control Vanishing Cream (R25 at Clicks), which is in a small pink box works very well for oily skin. It leaves my skin feeling matte and lightweight. At times it may look like I put on some accidental baby powder, though honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel ‘skinically’ happy after applying this.


I start by wetting my face with lukewarm water. Wetting my face as a base helps so that the face wash is easier to apply. I then squeeze a small amount of my face wash on my palms. It differs though because in the morning I apply it on my hand and gently wash my face. where at night I apply it on my face cloth and scrub my face knowing that during the day I have gathered a lot of impurities on my face.

After squeezing the face wash, I then gently scrub my face with it on a damp face cloth, making sure not to forget to wash my neck and behind my ears.

I then rinse with lukewarm water and dry with my clean face cloth. A clean face cloth is also quite important because sometimes an overuse one can carry old dirt that you didn’t wash out in a while, so it’s pretty essential to wash your face cloth with a bit of washing powder every week and renew it every three months.

After completely washing my face and drying it, I move on to the toner. Now with the toner you’ll also want to make sure that you have a cotton roll or cotton balls to apply with (a tissue or toilet paper is not actually an alternative though so don’t consider it). I simply pour a small amount onto the cotton ball then dab it all over my face. After I feel that the toner has hydrated all parts of my face I rub the cotton ball all around, making sure to really gather all the excess impurities.

Following the toner, I then moisturize. I always make sure to focus on my T-zone because that’s where my skin becomes most oily (where I have excess sebum) during the day.

That is it. I wash, I tone and I moisturize everyday to maintain this acne-free face.



What’s your skin care routine? Comment down below what products you use.

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