Hold up, can we just discourse on how this city has one of the most talented artists in this country. You would think they are the clout-type and don’t know what they’re doing, but honestly, I have heard their songs and they know exactly what they are doing, I could listen to them for days.
Anyways, for this next interview we have the slick and skillful Shaun Klaas, a twenty year old underrated rapper who has composed a number of songs, and all of which are such a vibe, whether they are upbeat or melancholic, and he is also a part of a movement called Swiinta. If you know little about Swiinta, you can look them up on YouTube as they have music video for their hit song Somewhere In Greece.

As for Shaun Klaas, the sanguine and tranquil rapper who’s voice has begun to fill the ears of plenty, he has showed what music is from a different view through his sentimental and moving songs, including You Shouldn’t Care, Juliano and Love Was Never Yours, that leave you to connect your memories if you relate to him, but also showing how he can still be diverse by featuring in upbeat ‘trap’ tracks, such as 2020 by Godson, which you’re bound to bounce to.
Check him out as I ask about his artistry and music-related questions.

  1. What does being an artist mean to you?
    Honestly, it means being free, showing yourself as you are. It means growth and the constant need to express improve in whatever art form you’re good at.
  2. What does being a rapper, specifically, mean to you?
    Not to exaggerate, but it means everything. It’s the only outlet I have when it comes to expressing all the bottled up emotions I have, from sadness to happiness and everything in between. It’s a way of life, man. Some people wake up and go to work, some go around doing whatever to make ends meet… I wake up and write songs. I put words together, I wake up and feel. Simple.
  3. Describe the way you exhume your art (your style) ?
    It’s all instant emotion. this means I write what I feel in that exact moment. Music is a very influential tool, so I try to keep my music ahead of my image. I’ve been told I have a very antisocial vibe going on when it comes to my art. With this being said I really feel like I’m a more new school, realistic, emo/conscious rapper.
  4. How long have you been doing this and how did it begin ?
    I’ve been rapping for almost four years now, I’ve been writing for seven years though. It all started at the end of my last year in high school (2015). In grade ten I used to write songs and recite ’em to my friends, validation was a big thing for me back then… being shy and all. After a long time of battling with low self esteem, three years to be exact, I finally gathered up the courage to record and make songs. A childhood friend of mine suggested a studio, it was my neighbour’s. That’s how it started, even though I don’t record there anymore… but that’s a story for another day. 😂
  5. What are your short term goals (less than a year) ?
    Releasing a project. I’m a really reserved person. I haven’t really been out there with my art so for now, growing my audience and seeing a difference is the goal.
  6. What are your long term goals (more than a year) ?
    Being able to producing highest quality music for myself. That’s what I’ve been doing with my last few releases, but I just want more… Making a difference in people’s lives through the message I send using my music. Basically everything that I’ve been doing, but on a larger scale. I wanna be able to make a living off selling music. So yeah, I really need to work on the smallest things to do so.
  7. What motivates/inspires you to do this and keep doing it ?
    Just the thought of changing someone’s mood, man. Making someone smile, laugh or cry. I’m just here for the authentic emotions. Strangers telling me how I keep them going. Damn, bro! As much as it is my story to tell, it’s another person’s story to comprehend in relation to their lives and what emotional position they’re in. Knowing that people just keep on going through the most and turn to my music for the answers is heart warming.
  8. If you were to do anything besides this, what would it be and why that ?
    Modelling. 😂 It’s funny, but I guess I’m a very visual person and I like putting things together. So yeah.
  9. Who else do you recognise as doing what you are doing and love locally ?
    I’d say Mercuryism, Mlamli, Saantsi, deDuke. the list is pretty much endless. ♡
  10. What advice would you give anyone who’s following the same path ?
    Keep your head and heart on the same level. Stay true, even in the humble beginnings ’cause it’s easy to get big headed and lose sight of what really matters.

Well, you’ve heard the humble man for yourself. Now you know who he really is, why don’t you go further to check out his songs on soundcloud, and make sure to be on the lookout for his upcoming EP, Park Avenue, which is due to be released this Friday, 27th of September because honestly, I cannot wait either.

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