For the following interview I have a cool, creative local talent who goes by Crxsby, an underrated artist but one who is quite known for his uniqueness. The twenty-one year old has been in the industry for three years, uploading various songs with a taste of versatility by bringing out any type of music, from hip hop and RnB to soft metal and trap music- one could never forget who he is because he’s there, to whatever genre you’re into (heck, he could probably even do country).

Crxsby is also one my newest friends and one whom has quite a vibrant personality that transcends to his music because his music is vibrant as well. So I’ve decided to contact him to ask some music-related questions, so you can hear for yourself what of an artist he really is.

  1. What does being an artist mean to you ?
    For me, being an artist means I get to express myself and people get to listen to my thoughts when I can’t really share my opinions with them, because if you go out. people feel the need to comment about what you’re thinking, but through music people have no choice but to shut up and listen and you don’t really have to listen to them afterwards, whatever their opinion is of what you’re thinking.
  2. What does being a rapper, specifically, mean to you ?
    Well I wouldn’t know what being a rapper actually means because I personally don’t identify myself as a rapper. I do rap, yes I write rap lyrics, but I don’t identify myself as a rapper ’cause I don’t know what a rapper is, so this is a difficult question for me to answer. I don’t know.
  3. Describe the way you exhume your art (your style) ?
    I can’t because I don’t have one specific sound of music, yeah I don’t have specific style that I’m trying to push, I can’t say I’m doing hip hop or RnB. I guess the best way to describe it would be ‘world music’. I don’t think it’s actually a genre, but it’s a genre my brother and I came up with for, like artists who don’t box themselves to one specific style of music, but do everything so called ‘mould-artists’ cause they do everything.
  4. How long have you been doing this and how did it begin ?
    Uh, okay… This is my third year, or fourth year if you count 2016. How it began is probably the greatest artist story ever. My friend and I, Mordecai, we were chilling at the park, and then were listening to, I think Nasty C and he’s like ‘Bruh, we could do this’ and I was like ‘Sure.’ and then he said ‘Let’s do it.’ I was like ‘Cool.’ and that’s how my career started as an artist, through that dumb interaction, that’s how it all started. It’s no fancy story, like I was inspired, God spoke to me in a dream and told me I should do music. It was just two very stoned dudes chilling at the park and then decided to do music.
  5. What are your short term goals (less than a year) ?
    Short term, I’m trying to finish my mixtape. I’ve been working on it for a year and a half maybe, it’s been so long that people forgot that I said I was working on it. I also kept being distracting by dropping singles. So yeah, [laugh] I’m a genius. But yeah I’d love to finish that, I’d appreciate it from my side if I were to finish it also.
  6. What are your long term goals (more than a year) ?
    I feel like I share the exact same goal as every other artist out there, to have my music experienced by the whole world, pretty much. But then that’s in general a long term goal, I just wanna be really rich, like very, very rich. I wanna be so rich that I can get my name as a chain, but then everything will be diamonds. That’s my long term goal right there. So besides the ‘being a world-renound artist’, having my face a chain, that’s a goal.
  7. What motivates/inspires you to do this and keep doing it ?
    My motivation and inspiration come from the universe. I’m not always motivated to do this, so when the motivation arrives is when I do it and it can come from anywhere, so what’s why I say the universe is my inspiration and motivation cause it inspires me to do this, and sometimes it doesn’t, and that’s when I don’t do it. So yeah.
  8. If you were to do anything besides this, what would it be and why that ?
    It’d be three things, one would be a graphic designer because I enjoy doing graphics, something I studied in high school, really had fun doing it. The second one would be a music teacher, because that’s the career path every failed artist follows, becoming a music teacher ’cause they teach people when they couldn’t make it themselves. The third one would be a male stripper, but that one, sadly, I can’t follow even now because I can’t dance, so.. it’s a pipe dream, it’s a dream anyway. Radio DJ is also there, I’d do that too.
  9. Who else do you recognise as doing what you are doing and love locally ?
    Oh, the list is extremely long. Extremely long, but if I could name one off the top of my head right now, it would be Blacc Steve. That’s my brother, that’s my boy, that’s my dog. He’s basically a better version of me, that’s how I see him as an artist. He’s me but better, that’s why I recognise him as one of the people doing what I love, and they’re actually good at it, my boy Blacc Steve, shout out to Blacc Steve. [chest bump, peace sign, yeah]
  10. What advice would you give anyone who’s following the same path ?
    My advice would be don’t do it, unless you’re actually serious about doing it ’cause it takes a lot of time and patience to actually do it. It took me four years to get to a stage where I can say I’m an underdog. I went from a nobody to an underdog, ’cause it took four years for people to actually recognize me for my talent, and actually start following me and start being like ‘oh yeah that guy is actually doing this and he’s pretty decent.’ So, I suggest don’t do it if you don’t have the patience and time.. unless you have the money. If you have the money then go for it, cause you can buy soundcloud plays, you can buy streams, promoters, etc. If you don’t and you wanna do it the natural way then I suggest you have a lot of patience and just stay working at it. Otherwise, this thing is hard, yeah.

Well there you have it, the artist does not only produce sound creatively, he has creative answers. Check out more of his creativity on soundcloud where you can really hear what I’m talking about. Because guess what, he just released his latest single, Episode 001 (solo version) and it is litter than a match, like it is a vibe y’all.

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