As much as it has been a while since I’ve been gone, I’d say the wait was pretty worth it because for this next, and perhaps last interview of the year, I got to sit down and intwerview an upcoming artist who’s really underrated, but has some really good music. I’m talking about Jae D.E.

The young rapper originates all the way from Uitenhage, started rapper at just thirteen and continues to spread his sounds across the Bay. His passion for music lives long as he stays ever releasing beautiful music to which many may relate to because he speaks from the soul. Jae D.E is also quite talented as he writes, records and produces his music all on his own. So I’ve decided to really get to know him and ask him some music-related questions.

  1. What does being an artist mean to you ?
    It might sound a little cliché, but, being an artist means everything – literally. It’s my way of dealing with what I feel. Without my art I don’t know exactly where, or what I’d be for that matter. It makes me feel like I have a purpose – which is sharing my story, because I know there’s people who might relate, so, being an artist means everything to me.
  2. What does being a rapper, specifically, mean to you ?
    It’s exactly as I said, it means so much to me, because it feel like it genuinely is what I’m supposed to be doing in life – but it means even more because I’ve got an influence on the people who listen to my music, and that’s the goal at the end of it all – to share my story, and hopefully it resonates with those who listen. So, being a rapper is actually a privilege to me, because with music you can change lives – and that’s why this is important.
  3. Describe the way you exhume your art (your style) ?
    I don’t exactly do too much of that – I think I’ve got a pretty unique style, and that, in a sense would expose itself. For example, it doesn’t sound the same as the next person, or at least that’s what I think; so I just put it out and hope that it’ll resonate with those who already know, and like my style. What I will say is that it’s not for everyone though, and I’m okay with that.
  4. How long have you been doing this and how did it begin ?
    I’ve been doing this since about 2013, but it actually started way before with things like poetry and just short stories, it developed into music when I was 13, although I only started taking this whole thing seriously around 2015/16. It started off with poetry, but there was a day I decided to write to a beat, and it didn’t sound half bad, so I decided to record it and luckily a friend of mine knew a producer – and we ended up recording my first song without headphones and a microphone worth about R60 😂 the quality was terrible, but I’ve grown a lot since then and this is something I’m really proud of. Compared to where everything started, and the quality, it shows a huge improvement and I’m constantly looking to improve. So, yes.
  5. What inspired your name ?
    The way I feel – well, technically, felt. “Jae-D.E” is actually a sentence – “Just Anxious, Exhausted, depressed… Eternally” but it has a double meaning, because each letter represents a name of someone important, or some who was important.
  6. What are your short term goals (less than a year) ?
    I’d say definitely more exposure. Doing more shows. Making more music. On the show thing, I’d really like to host a few of my own shows and hopefully It’ll be a success and hopefully gain more exposure and hence, more fans from those shows.
  7. What are your long term goals (more than a year) ?
    Long term – getting into the business side of music. Doing loads of paid shows, possibly starting a record label and signing artists. Making merch such Tees and hoodies and hopefully a whole lot of music videos
  8. What motivates/inspires you to do this and keep doing it ?
    I guess, just the thought that I can actually make a change using my words, doing something I love to do, keeps me going. And the fact that, this is what helps me too – it’s not just to help others, at the end of the day, I’m venting. I’m helping myself too. That’s the motivation.
  9. What’s been the hardest part about being an artist ?
    Getting slept on. It’s difficult to stay motivated when it feels like you’re not getting the exposure you need, and want. With regards to the whole process, the hardest part would be mixing and mastering – the writing and making of the beats aren’t easy, but it’s not difficult either once you’ve got an idea – so, the hardest part would be the mixing & mastering of the vocals, because you always want it to sound professional – and it’s frustrating when you don’t get the sound you want; which happens occasionally.
  10. And what has been the easiest ?
    The easiest, honestly, nothing. There’s nothing easy about being an artist. There’s no overnight success. There’s no getting signed off one song. There’s no starting out and immediately getting noticed – it doesn’t work that way. It’s always been hard work and faith, I guess. So, there’s nothing easy about it – I would say making beats or even writing, but that’s not easy either. Sometimes it might seem that way, but it never is. There’s always a weight on your shoulders when you’re writing, it’s never easy to write down the way you feel.
  11. How did it feel when you released your first song ?
    Nothing really matched that feeling 😅 it felt amazing – at that time, i thought it was the greatest thing I’ve ever done, but listening back to the first song now is kinda cringy to be honest 😅😂 still, it was a really cool feeling, because at the time it felt professional and it felt like I did something that I’ve always wanted to do – without even knowing that I’ve always wanted to do it. It just happened so fast and I guess the rest is history.
  12. Is there any song of yours that you consider the best one you’ve produced ? If so which, and why that one ?
    Yes – the song is called “FEEL”. I consider it the best because it’s the first some that gives off a feeling of “oh he might be getting better mentally” – the song came together perfectly – the beat, the lyrics, the delivery, the mixing & mastering, the quality. It just sounds perfect to me and that’s the song I’m the most proud of, to be honest.
  13. If you were to do anything besides this (rapping), what would it be and why that ?
    I would 100% have pursued a career in soccer. I have a deep, deep passion for it too – and it kinda came before music at a time. It’s one of those things that just takes away all problems for the duration of it taking place, so yes. I guess I’ve just never seen myself doing a 9 to 5 in order to keep the water running 😅 it’s always been about creativity and passion with me.
  14. Who else do you recognize as doing what you are doing and love (locally) ?
    Well, there are a few guys. We don’t exactly have the same style, but I’m a fan of their styles. Deezy, Shordy187, just to name a few – I’ve done a feature with Shordy187, the one with Deezy is on the way. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of other guys who are doing their thing and I can only appreciate art.
  15. What advice would you give anyone who’s following the same path ?
    Always work hard, learn how to produce your own music, study the music business, be able to take criticism. Know that not everybody is gonna feel you and your style, but stick to your style and be true to yourself – you’ll be felt eventually. Oh and be prepared to be slept on, use it as fuel.

And that is it, an awesome interview to end an awesome year. Honestly, I may have to add that this has been the best interview I’ve done with a cool, young talent.

Be sure to check out his latest mixtape [Mono No Aware Vol. 2] which can be found on all musical platforms, (and you really need to because I’ve listened to it, and it has me feeling immortal). Then also go and take a listen to some of his recent singles up on soundcloud [you don’t want to miss his movement].


For the following interview I have a cool, creative local talent who goes by Crxsby, an underrated artist but one who is quite known for his uniqueness. The twenty-one year old has been in the industry for three years, uploading various songs with a taste of versatility by bringing out any type of music, from hip hop and RnB to soft metal and trap music- one could never forget who he is because he’s there, to whatever genre you’re into (heck, he could probably even do country).

Crxsby is also one my newest friends and one whom has quite a vibrant personality that transcends to his music because his music is vibrant as well. So I’ve decided to contact him to ask some music-related questions, so you can hear for yourself what of an artist he really is.

  1. What does being an artist mean to you ?
    For me, being an artist means I get to express myself and people get to listen to my thoughts when I can’t really share my opinions with them, because if you go out. people feel the need to comment about what you’re thinking, but through music people have no choice but to shut up and listen and you don’t really have to listen to them afterwards, whatever their opinion is of what you’re thinking.
  2. What does being a rapper, specifically, mean to you ?
    Well I wouldn’t know what being a rapper actually means because I personally don’t identify myself as a rapper. I do rap, yes I write rap lyrics, but I don’t identify myself as a rapper ’cause I don’t know what a rapper is, so this is a difficult question for me to answer. I don’t know.
  3. Describe the way you exhume your art (your style) ?
    I can’t because I don’t have one specific sound of music, yeah I don’t have specific style that I’m trying to push, I can’t say I’m doing hip hop or RnB. I guess the best way to describe it would be ‘world music’. I don’t think it’s actually a genre, but it’s a genre my brother and I came up with for, like artists who don’t box themselves to one specific style of music, but do everything so called ‘mould-artists’ cause they do everything.
  4. How long have you been doing this and how did it begin ?
    Uh, okay… This is my third year, or fourth year if you count 2016. How it began is probably the greatest artist story ever. My friend and I, Mordecai, we were chilling at the park, and then were listening to, I think Nasty C and he’s like ‘Bruh, we could do this’ and I was like ‘Sure.’ and then he said ‘Let’s do it.’ I was like ‘Cool.’ and that’s how my career started as an artist, through that dumb interaction, that’s how it all started. It’s no fancy story, like I was inspired, God spoke to me in a dream and told me I should do music. It was just two very stoned dudes chilling at the park and then decided to do music.
  5. What are your short term goals (less than a year) ?
    Short term, I’m trying to finish my mixtape. I’ve been working on it for a year and a half maybe, it’s been so long that people forgot that I said I was working on it. I also kept being distracting by dropping singles. So yeah, [laugh] I’m a genius. But yeah I’d love to finish that, I’d appreciate it from my side if I were to finish it also.
  6. What are your long term goals (more than a year) ?
    I feel like I share the exact same goal as every other artist out there, to have my music experienced by the whole world, pretty much. But then that’s in general a long term goal, I just wanna be really rich, like very, very rich. I wanna be so rich that I can get my name as a chain, but then everything will be diamonds. That’s my long term goal right there. So besides the ‘being a world-renound artist’, having my face a chain, that’s a goal.
  7. What motivates/inspires you to do this and keep doing it ?
    My motivation and inspiration come from the universe. I’m not always motivated to do this, so when the motivation arrives is when I do it and it can come from anywhere, so what’s why I say the universe is my inspiration and motivation cause it inspires me to do this, and sometimes it doesn’t, and that’s when I don’t do it. So yeah.
  8. If you were to do anything besides this, what would it be and why that ?
    It’d be three things, one would be a graphic designer because I enjoy doing graphics, something I studied in high school, really had fun doing it. The second one would be a music teacher, because that’s the career path every failed artist follows, becoming a music teacher ’cause they teach people when they couldn’t make it themselves. The third one would be a male stripper, but that one, sadly, I can’t follow even now because I can’t dance, so.. it’s a pipe dream, it’s a dream anyway. Radio DJ is also there, I’d do that too.
  9. Who else do you recognise as doing what you are doing and love locally ?
    Oh, the list is extremely long. Extremely long, but if I could name one off the top of my head right now, it would be Blacc Steve. That’s my brother, that’s my boy, that’s my dog. He’s basically a better version of me, that’s how I see him as an artist. He’s me but better, that’s why I recognise him as one of the people doing what I love, and they’re actually good at it, my boy Blacc Steve, shout out to Blacc Steve. [chest bump, peace sign, yeah]
  10. What advice would you give anyone who’s following the same path ?
    My advice would be don’t do it, unless you’re actually serious about doing it ’cause it takes a lot of time and patience to actually do it. It took me four years to get to a stage where I can say I’m an underdog. I went from a nobody to an underdog, ’cause it took four years for people to actually recognize me for my talent, and actually start following me and start being like ‘oh yeah that guy is actually doing this and he’s pretty decent.’ So, I suggest don’t do it if you don’t have the patience and time.. unless you have the money. If you have the money then go for it, cause you can buy soundcloud plays, you can buy streams, promoters, etc. If you don’t and you wanna do it the natural way then I suggest you have a lot of patience and just stay working at it. Otherwise, this thing is hard, yeah.

Well there you have it, the artist does not only produce sound creatively, he has creative answers. Check out more of his creativity on soundcloud where you can really hear what I’m talking about. Because guess what, he just released his latest single, Episode 001 (solo version) and it is litter than a match, like it is a vibe y’all.

A letter to my self

Dear Sandiswa

Your life, in this very moment, is crap. But your soul though, at it’s best.
The way you think is immensely fast, sometimes deep, but at the end of the day, it’s joyful (in a complex way) because you’re drawn to simplicity, positivity and light. Luckily you find it easy to tune your feelings, knowing that everything, even life, is temporary. So going about each emotion, especially with the right music, is a daily routine that works so well for you.
You’re young, with a peaceful aura and restless mind and mouth.
I love that you’re smart, you know that feelings fluctuate and that no person stays happy or sad forever. At times you could be similar to some people who’d diagnose themselves as depressed because of what deeply negative and pitiful thoughts you have during those dark and lonely hours and how you just lay your head on the pillow with that lump in your throat, the tears just begin to flow out with everything wrong you’ve ever done and all your regrets rushing into your head performing a concise play to show how your life is not the same as others. Your life is sad. Because you show love so much but you never receive it the same way, you’re a happy soul but it can be so overlooked, you’re here for the sweet side of life, while others are here for the reality. And now, you blame yourself for being too optimistic and hopeful. All that’s left is just you feeling stupid and delusional.
But it’s good that you know and believe that you’re not depressed, that these are just intense emotions that spiral out of control and stay with you for a long time, but so is happiness when something really good comes your way. It stays with you too.
I love that each day you wake up knowing that you have a life to live and that seasons don’t stop for you, so pushing through is the only way. I love that you get to appreciate yourself when you’re happy again, those are the sweet moments your soul lives for, to see yourself from that beautiful angle of appreciation. You know you’re growing, you know you’re trying to just live life the best way, with or without money (with would be best tho lol), and you know that this life was never promised to be easy but you take each day to thank the higher bodies for living another 24 hours, because you believe you have your own path and mission on this earth and it will be done, especially with the blessings passed down on you from your precious family.
It’s amazing to see you grow like this, knowing what dark and pessimistic issues you may have at times, (but those times are rare and only come when negative external circumstances rain on you, it’s never who you are or want to be, but it happens) yet you still have an optimistic nature in general and try to be happy each day. Your light is something really wonderful and I hope no one ever dims it down to the point where it can’t light up again, ever.
As much as this is a letter of appreciation and recognition, I’d like for you to also know that it’s important to stay humble. Yes, your light shines bright, but don’t let it shine so bright that it makes others dim down, but only just to light them up, much like a candle. So know that you are a sweet soul with a lit aura, but know that others also have their own process of lighting up and in their own magnificent way. Never let a person feel insecure because of you (even though I think we both know we’ve never done that, but in case you just randomly get ahead of yourself). Other than that though, I trust that you’ll go through this life in a good, human way. Rough rides here and there and extremely wonderful ones at times, but it never changes who you are. A free-spirited dreamer who lives for the joys of life and to just spread goodness to everyone (and I know it tickles your soul to see someone happy or laughing because of you, so best believe you’re a good soul).
Ultimately, you are growing! And this path was suited just for you because look at who you are now, and how much you’ve elevated, and how you’ll still elevate. Damn girl, dis amazing.
I pray you stay this wonderful being and that you learn to stay appreciating yourself, because those times when you’re so super insecure irk me, but I guess it’s part of human emotions so let it be, but never let it be you.

Your (recently nineteen year) young soul.


Hold up, can we just discourse on how this city has one of the most talented artists in this country. You would think they are the clout-type and don’t know what they’re doing, but honestly, I have heard their songs and they know exactly what they are doing, I could listen to them for days.
Anyways, for this next interview we have the slick and skillful Shaun Klaas, a twenty year old underrated rapper who has composed a number of songs, and all of which are such a vibe, whether they are upbeat or melancholic, and he is also a part of a movement called Swiinta. If you know little about Swiinta, you can look them up on YouTube as they have music video for their hit song Somewhere In Greece.

As for Shaun Klaas, the sanguine and tranquil rapper who’s voice has begun to fill the ears of plenty, he has showed what music is from a different view through his sentimental and moving songs, including You Shouldn’t Care, Juliano and Love Was Never Yours, that leave you to connect your memories if you relate to him, but also showing how he can still be diverse by featuring in upbeat ‘trap’ tracks, such as 2020 by Godson, which you’re bound to bounce to.
Check him out as I ask about his artistry and music-related questions.

  1. What does being an artist mean to you?
    Honestly, it means being free, showing yourself as you are. It means growth and the constant need to express improve in whatever art form you’re good at.
  2. What does being a rapper, specifically, mean to you?
    Not to exaggerate, but it means everything. It’s the only outlet I have when it comes to expressing all the bottled up emotions I have, from sadness to happiness and everything in between. It’s a way of life, man. Some people wake up and go to work, some go around doing whatever to make ends meet… I wake up and write songs. I put words together, I wake up and feel. Simple.
  3. Describe the way you exhume your art (your style) ?
    It’s all instant emotion. this means I write what I feel in that exact moment. Music is a very influential tool, so I try to keep my music ahead of my image. I’ve been told I have a very antisocial vibe going on when it comes to my art. With this being said I really feel like I’m a more new school, realistic, emo/conscious rapper.
  4. How long have you been doing this and how did it begin ?
    I’ve been rapping for almost four years now, I’ve been writing for seven years though. It all started at the end of my last year in high school (2015). In grade ten I used to write songs and recite ’em to my friends, validation was a big thing for me back then… being shy and all. After a long time of battling with low self esteem, three years to be exact, I finally gathered up the courage to record and make songs. A childhood friend of mine suggested a studio, it was my neighbour’s. That’s how it started, even though I don’t record there anymore… but that’s a story for another day. 😂
  5. What are your short term goals (less than a year) ?
    Releasing a project. I’m a really reserved person. I haven’t really been out there with my art so for now, growing my audience and seeing a difference is the goal.
  6. What are your long term goals (more than a year) ?
    Being able to producing highest quality music for myself. That’s what I’ve been doing with my last few releases, but I just want more… Making a difference in people’s lives through the message I send using my music. Basically everything that I’ve been doing, but on a larger scale. I wanna be able to make a living off selling music. So yeah, I really need to work on the smallest things to do so.
  7. What motivates/inspires you to do this and keep doing it ?
    Just the thought of changing someone’s mood, man. Making someone smile, laugh or cry. I’m just here for the authentic emotions. Strangers telling me how I keep them going. Damn, bro! As much as it is my story to tell, it’s another person’s story to comprehend in relation to their lives and what emotional position they’re in. Knowing that people just keep on going through the most and turn to my music for the answers is heart warming.
  8. If you were to do anything besides this, what would it be and why that ?
    Modelling. 😂 It’s funny, but I guess I’m a very visual person and I like putting things together. So yeah.
  9. Who else do you recognise as doing what you are doing and love locally ?
    I’d say Mercuryism, Mlamli, Saantsi, deDuke. the list is pretty much endless. ♡
  10. What advice would you give anyone who’s following the same path ?
    Keep your head and heart on the same level. Stay true, even in the humble beginnings ’cause it’s easy to get big headed and lose sight of what really matters.

Well, you’ve heard the humble man for yourself. Now you know who he really is, why don’t you go further to check out his songs on soundcloud, and make sure to be on the lookout for his upcoming EP, Park Avenue, which is due to be released this Friday, 27th of September because honestly, I cannot wait either.


In dedication to heritage month, I have to decided to share about my culture and what it means to be umXhosa, a language and culture I believe to be the best here in South Africa. In general, being African is much praised because of what beauty there is to it with the embedded roots, whether it be skin colour, hair, language or way of living. Now being umXhosa is digging deeper to what being African is because we have many and more specified traditions and ways of doing things; speaking, eating, dressing, etc.

So a couple of weeks ago, while I traveled to my hometown and went for a five day visit to my grandparents’ house for a traditional event, I decided to dive deep into what it really means being part of this amazing culture. What partially motivated me is the fact that while I was learning Portuguese (because you know, I like the language) I discovered more about the Portuguese culture and that they have a variety of different things they do, speaking and their food.
That’s when I tapped into my own language while translating certain words to make them easier to understand. The more aware I became of my own language and how intricate yet wonderful it is, the more I wanted to actually become more conscious of my whole entire culture, because I may see it as ordinary, living day to day, but honestly it is something I’m a part of that is fascinating. Not everyone would understand it, or be able to grasp why we do certain things the way we do them and how we pronounce certain words, but we do and it’s so lovely for us.

So I have decided to share just a bit about my culture and what it means being Xhosa.

Our Living, Traditionally

Now as much as we’ve become modernised, especially Port Elizabeth, there are still certain places, more-so in King William’s Town (where my family grew up) that show our heritage, with the rich plants on the sides of the untampered roads. These are the long roads that get walked on to fetch water and visit neighbours to fetch post-mails. Cars, post offices and linked taps are a new thing; much appreciated but not a necessity as this is the way of living for my folks here. Homes that are less than modernised but still on the road (pun unintended) normally have tanks now that fill up for natural rain water. It’s pretty cool if you think about it, organic fresh water.

Our Dressing (for traditional events)

As much as I look super crusty (and I am still yet to be more crusty in events like these *cringe*), this is the real me when I am at home with my family and there are events like this. This is how we dress for small events, just to clean up and cook, especially once you become a female adult. Then for much larger events we wear what is known as umbhaco which is basically one-colour cloths that get wrapped around the body as a skirt, dress or head-wrap, then some beads (or a ‘necklace) to finish the look, also known as iinstimbi.

Our Food

This is what we call iiRostile, which is more-or-less fatcakes/vetkoeks, but instead of them being fried, they are roasted in hot coal over a griller (roasted basically). They taste pretty dry alone, but with some good saucy meat or ibhisto (tomato soup), they are super good.
We actually eat a wide variey of things, such as umphokoqo (dry dissected pap particles with sour milk, aka Maas), umngqusho (samp and beans with your choice of vegetables and meat, such as mince meat or sausage), and umfino (cabbage and spinach with mealie meal to make it some sort of dry pap) just to name a few. The list goes on, but hey, it’s part of our culture.

Our Events

This place is called ebuhlanti, a sacred closing of tradition where the real, deep traditional events take place and also where the farm animals are kept (cows, goats, sheep and sometimes chicken). We have numerous traditional events here, such as imbeleko, ukoluka, umcimbi, where we speak to our ancestors to protect us through these milestones. Pretty intricate, but once you know it, it becomes easy, this is if you’re ever planning to marry into our culture.

There are many other things that make us who we are as a culture. I just named a few to show what it is like kwaXhosa.


So for this next interview we have the silver-minded Mercuryism, a twenty-three year old rapper who’s very much in love with music and has decided to pursue it to become a locally well-known rapper and one who’s loved by many for his humble yet fresh personality, and unique voice. I’ve taken the time to ask about music-related questions and how his artistry has transcended.

Mercury is a low-key popular local artist who was born in Port Elizabeth and grew up here for most of his life. He has grown to love music to which he decided to become a rapper and vocalist releasing a number songs and EPs; Mercurywaters being his first, and dropping two in just one year (2019), The Year Before 2020 and Kill Your Idea Of Me. Talk about hard work.

Side note – he also attended the same high school as I did, back when he was known as Mordecai, or Mondecai, was it? Either way, he then graduated in 2014 and has since gone to study architecture at a local university. His main passion though goes to music, and he’s here to share that with us.

  1. What does being an artist mean to you ?
    To me, being an artist means that I get to live the way I choose & want to. being an artist is just me being me, I don’t know how else to be.
  2. What does being a rapper, specifically, mean to you ?
    I guess you can say that being a rapper is one way to be able to express yourself as an artist. I love being a rapper, but for me it just isn’t enough anymore.
  3. Describe the way you exhume your art (your style) ?
    What a question. it’s all about the energy & the feeling you get from the song, that’s where it all starts. Most times I get beats from producers, so I start by listening to them. The overall feeling that I get from listening to them is where I begin my process. Focus on those energies and try to put them into words. be it a story I tell or just saying how I feel on a song, as long as the message gets across the way i want it.
  4. How long have you been doing this and how did it begin ?
    If we’re talking about just rapping, it’s been 11 years now. I used to live with my sister who is way older than I am. She has kids. One of her kids, who is the same age as I am, is a music lover. At that time I never cared about music really, I just wanted to play. I remember one day she (my niece) was listening to some songs on the DVD player and I was just there in the house, you know. The next minute here I am inquiring about these songs, little did I know that’s how I would fall in love with music. What a feeling. I started recording music in 2013, but we don’t talk about that because nobody knew anything about me then.
  5. What are your short term goals (less than a year) ?
    Hm, short term goal. I have always wanted to grow my reach. I feel like I’m not where I wanna be in regards to that, so yes, I want to grow my reach & have more supporters who actually listen to the stuff i make. I’ll also be focusing on marketing kill your idea of me, an EP that I released on the 2nd of august.
  6. What are your long term goals (more than a year) ?
    Focusing on ways to make myself better, more quality music, start learning cinematography, try to work with more people — I’ve never been a collaborative person honestly, I only do that with my team (villain avenue).
  7. What motivates/inspires you to do this and keep doing it ?
    The love and passion for it. Simple as that. On top of that, the people who can see where I’m going with the vision for the music.
  8. If you were to do anything besides this, what would it be and why that ?
    Architecture. There’s a certain beauty that draws me to this field. I mean, have you ever seen a building that makes you want to cry? That’s what architecture does to me.
  9. Who else do you recognize as doing what you are doing and love locally ?
    This actually feels like a shout-out 😂 Well, there are a lot of people that do what I do. SKYY, Lexx & Godson (who are part of Villain Avenue, but Godson is the producer), Ill Com, Saantsi, Shaun KLaas, SLVEY, they form a group called Swiinta. There’s quite a lot so that’s where I’ll end.
  10. What advice would you give anyone who’s following the same path ?
    Learn how to be your own critic. Learn how to listen to your songs critically so you can point out things that don’t sound right. Trust yourself, but also question your trust to yourself, just to keep yourself in check. Don’t keep a bunch of yes-men around, They’ll hinder your growth. Don’t take criticism personally, rather let it motivate you to do better.

As much as I’d love to also dwell into how amazing his music is, why don’t you judge for yourself, (*whispers* but trust me, you’ll love it) and he can be found on almost every musical platform. Make sure to check out his latest EP, Kill your idea of me, and comment down below any questions you have for him. Warning though; you may find yourself listening to it all day.


I’ve recently become quite a big fan of soft skin that smells good and looks healthy. Skin that is soft not only looks nourished, it also gives an advance to skin that won’t age quickly, as your skin is feeling youthful so it won’t have to feel or look old for as long as you live.

There are as little as four steps to ensure that your skin becomes and stays soft, that way you don’t have to apply so much on the days you have important events where you’d like to wear short clothes that show your sensational skin, or just want to go to bed with a feel of a breeze.

  1. Moisturizing
    The most important way, and one that anyone who knows about soft skin can tell you, is to always moisturize and to stay moisturize. Moisture is the key to anything healthy, whether it be skin, hair, nails, internal organs and even plants, moisture and nourishment will allow to go a long way. Though it also very necessary to not just moisturize with any moisturizer, but one that suits and works for your skin specifically because one can have oily skin and use heavyweight products that will only cause oilier skin, or have dry skin and apply lightweight products that absorb quickly and just dry out during the day so make sure to review your products before purchasing them.
    A good moisturizer for soft skin though (especially dry skin) and one that also protects the skin is suncreen. Suncreen is a very good moisturizer as it contains heavyweight ingredients to ensure deep nourishment and leaves you with a glossy and satiny look. So, note, wearing clothes after showering is a no. Always prioritze moisturizing for healthy skin.
  2. Shaving
    The next most important way to achieve soft skin is through the most nerve-racking (for me) yet pre-eminent act. Shaving. I mean it is quite easy and leaves you feeling super cleansed and luscious, yet the act of doing it can be require scrupulous practice so do make sure to use your hands delicately while doing it because it’s pretty easy to be accidentally cut (speaking from unexpected experience). On the positive side though, shaving is such a great way to have baby soft skin because if you do think about it babies are not hairy and perhaps that’s what makes them so soft haha. On the real though, it can attract dirty and unwanted particles. that can sit on the hair for a while.
    There are a number of ways to shave, including shaving the classic way by using shaving creams and razors, using Nair which is a hair remover cream, or waxing. All ways are easy but I would personally say that the safest way is to use a hair remover cream (Nair). The only thing about it though is that hair grows back within less than a week, so you’d have to use it consistently. Do trust though that shaving and moisturizing immediately leave you with soft skin.
  3. Washing
    I mean we all know how important washing is, but the key is to wash daily and with a body wash that still leaves your skin moisturized, such as Dove. This has a great effect on leaving your skin soft because a dirty skin can only lead to dryness and rough skin. What’s also good about washing, especially with very warm water is that it opens your pores to allow for skin to breathe and healthy humid air to enter into the skin and allow for deep nourishment. This ultimately leads to cleansed and nourished skin, the recipe for baby soft skin.
    As much as it is normal to use soaps that contain sodium palmate, such as Protex and Dettol, they also have the ability to dry out skin so it would be best to use a body wash that is nourishing to leave skin smooth instead of rough, such as Radox, which can be found at your nearest supermarket.
  4. Exfoliating
    Exfoliation is another important yet underrated way to leave your skin smooth because yes, skin can be washed and you’ll be clean, but exfoliation is a way to deeply cleanse your skin because any excess dirt particles and dead skin cells are removed. This leads to new skin cells being formed that are still youthful and alive, leaving skin soft in an instant, but the only thing about it is that it can leave skin dry and rough since there’s no cuticle to protect the skin anymore so it’s pretty essential to moisturize right after exfoliating to ensure that the skin is still protected and nourished to still leave it soft.
    Body scrubs (natural/homemade and organic) are great ways to exfoliate your skin, though some can be heavy on the pocket so it’s best to use homemade ones, such as brown sugar and honey.

Ultimately, there are many ways to leave your skin soft. These are just the few and inexpensive ways that can have an immediate effect, and you’ll feel amazing in no time.
If you know an extra way to leave skin soft, comment down below, I’d like to know.


Yes I have noticed that I’ve been focusing too much on self-care that one wouldn’t even know that blog is actually also about fashion, the upliftment of artists from Port Elizabeth and travel. So I have decided to cook up an interview with one of my favorite Port Elizabeth rappers, a young gentleman who goes by Wzdm.

Wzdm is a young, upcoming artist born and raised in King William’s Town (about three hours from Port Elizabeth) and recently moved here to jump-start his rapping career as he felt that he could gain more recognition from this wonderful city. Wzdm, who also happens to be my cousin, is a nineteen year old soundclound rapper who’s working his way to the top and has a passion for music. This interview has been a way of acknowledging what type of an artist he is with his fresh talent.

  1. What does being an artist mean to you?
    Being an artist means having a certain type of mindset that involves creating and it also involves making your thoughts and ideas come to life in an art form or unique way that expresses or shows a lot about who you are as a person.
  2. What does being a rapper, specifically, mean to you?
    To me, being a rapper means expressing and putting my thoughts and ideas in one art form; which is music.
  3. Describe the way you exhume your art (your style) ?
    I’m the kind of rapper that raps on trap beats, like instead of trapping or sounding mainstream, i stick to my old style of rapping but on a new wave sound which i think will make me a relevant rapper considering that most people trap nowadays.
  4. How long have you been doing this and how did it begin ?
    Yo its only been a few months, like 9 months. I wanted to do this since high school but I had no platform or idea on how to start it until i met Mercury. He showed me that you can music right off your bedroom and ever since then i took the idea and i bought my own stuff and now i make music at home without any studio time payed for.
  5. What are your short term goals (less than a year) ?
    As a rapper, I wanna work with a lot of people around here because I’m the kind that believes that artists should work together so they learn from each other and improve each other’s style. And i also wanna engineer people’s music, like if they can’t mix their songs they can hit me up and i would do it for a fair price.
  6. What are your long term goals (more than a year) ?
    I wanna work with more people, around here and outside here. Meet new artists, create a lot more, oh and yeah I guess I could use a girlfriend this music shit can make a nigga lonely. I also wanna be a well known rapper around here, do shows locally & support other artists.
  7. What motivates/inspires you to do this and keep doing it ?
    The music I listen to man, on an international scale Lil Wayne inspires me and on a local scale Mercury inspires me. Every time I hear their music I learn a lot from them and how they find themselves through music and how they manifest their sound is so motivational . Yeah, man, they are by far the reason I got hooked on making music. I would mention a lot of people but yeah this is just to say the least.
  8. If you were to do anything besides this, what would it be and why that ?
    I’d do anything that has to do with the internet, I love being on the internet and I know a lot about the internet or I’d do anything that has to do with technology and art, because I grew around those things and they play a huge role on the person that I am.
  9. Who else do you recognize as doing what you are doing and love locally ?
    A lot of local artists, but ShaunKlaas and Mercury are the hardest working niggas I know around here that are doing what I love and I guess I could say I look up to that kind of work ethic, and I look forward to working as hard as them.
  10. What advice would you give anyone who’s following the same path ?
    Man, inspiration is everywhere, don’t be afraid to start small because the little you do could lead to a whole lot of new discoveries that might make you a better creative. You don’t necessarily have to look far for inspiration, it is everywhere.

Wise words from the wise man Wzdm. Be sure to check him out on soundcloud to keep up with his latest music, and comment down below any questions you may have for him.


My Top Ten Outfits

As this is a blog with a fashion category, it would be wise of me to feature my sense of style as I have put much of the focus on self-care and hair, so I have to decided to put together some of my favourite outfits in my closet so that you can get a closer look at what kind of style I am into and who I am fashion-wise.

  1. The Relaxed Feel

For this outfit, it’s pretty simple yet elegant, a striped dress with sandals (unseen but sure to complete the look). It’s the type of outfit to just relax on your porch/veranda on a sunny day or head to your nearest fast-food joint and enjoy some lemonade with, all just about relaxing. Another thing is that it is tight-fitting to show off your best assets, so if want to feel confident and relaxed, you can pull this off (or on in this case).

  • Dress from Edgars

2. The Sporty Feel

If you just so happen to be into sports yet can’t find the right outfit to head to Athletic’s Day or Derbys with, this is it. A simple white sports shirt paired with your favourite chic skirt, mine being a black and white patterned skirt (and it is honestly one of my faves because it goes with almost any top), and some white sneakers then you’re good to go. What I also love about this outfit is that it makes feel all professional as if I’m about to go play some golf or tennis, just the fit for business-casual.

  • Skirt from Mr Price
  • T-Shirt from PEP

3. The Spring Feel

As we all know, Spring has sprung, and so have the dresses waiting to be worn in your wardrobe. For this outfit, I’ve decided to take one of my favourite dresses (I swear I am always wearing this dress) along with a plain orange top and a pair of gladiators to form a spring-feel look perfect for going to the beach or to just bask in the sun with. This outfit also gives me a picnic feel, though I haven’t gone much to the park yet, but all of it gives a happy vibe just to let people know that hey it is still spring.

  • Dress from Edgars
  • Top from Jet

4. The Casual-Day Feel

Well for those who attend school or work or whatever, it won’t always be uniform or fancy outfits, so casual days call for casual outfits, and what better way than with a simple jean with your best sweater. For me, I have chosen my favourite jeans (more on the jeggings side though), with this really nice pink sweater. Funny story about this sweater is that I bought it accidentally, thinking it was another pink sweater I fit on while shopping, instead I grabbed the wrong one when it was time to pay, then when I arrived home I felt that this sweater is actually not the same one. I thought about returning it but every-time I would plan to go back, something came up and I went somewhere else instead, and so for the whole month the sweater just stayed there, with the tag on. It eventually became too late to return and now I’ve learnt to love (and I seriously love it now) but I still have the tag on as a reminder to always return clothes as soon as possible.

  • Sweater from Edgars
  • Jeans from The Fix

5. The On-The-Road Feel

For this outfit I decided to pair my favourite crop top, denim skirt with a denim jacket and black sneakers to get an on-the-road feel, for when I am on the road, whether it be on the car heading to the market or walking around running errands since I live in a commercial area, when I just wanna feel cool, chic yet busy I put this on. As much as this skirt has become almost-overrated I still wear it like it came out yesterday because it describes me perfectly, as well as this crop top with it’s rich red colour, giving a sweet, passionate feel.

  • Crop Top from Edgars
  • Skirt from Mr Price
  • Denim Jacket from Edgars

6. The All-Black Feel

If we are being honest, everyone has that all-black outfit in their closet, it has become an unofficial must. As for me, I really just have simple things for this all-black feel, a plain black top, black jeans, black sneakers (Vans) and a very dark navy jacket. The navy jacket gives it more of an approachable vibe rather than a bomber jacket which would be more intimidating and ‘cool’. One could also top it off with black shades/sunglasses, but I went against it since it clashes with the navy jacket. All in all though, an outfit like this is wearable for almost any occasion.

  • Top from Jet
  • Jeans from Woolworths
  • Jacket from Mr Price

7. The Party Feel

I’ve put this one together knowing that olive is one of my favourite colours and a bralette is the most convenient thing in my closet, you could wear it as a top or a bra, this time around I went for top because it’s complete on its own for this party-feel look. Some black sneakers, the colours matching and the denim jacket is the cherry on top, whether it be a day party or a night party, slip on some hoop-earrings for extra effect and you’re good to go.

  • Bralette from The Fix
  • Jacket from Edgars
  • Leggings from Edgars (a product of Free2BU)

8. The Sassy Feel

This outfit is pretty simple, a pair of jeans and a sleeveless top just to walk around anywhere feeling sassy, the gold hoop earrings and gold sandals complete it. One could also add some dark lipstick and accessories if you feel that it is too simple, but I went for bare because I want the focus to be on the outfit more than the accessories that would it illude it to be more sassy than it already is.

  • Top from Legit
  • Jeans from Edgars

9. The Brunch Feel

As soon as I put this one together I already felt that this outfit was for going out to a brunch with my friends or sisters on a chilled, sunny afternoon at a nice restaurant. I barely ever but pants that are not jeans but I knew I needed these ones in my closet because they go with plenty of my t-shirts, plus they’re really cute. Pairing all of this with gold sandals and bronze sunny shades finishes the whole look.

  • Top from Mr Price
  • Pants from Mr Price

10. The Tomboy Feel

I never knew I need a tracksuit in my wardrobe until I bought this fresh two-piece that I fell in love with the minute I saw it, it describes me pretty well because I can be sporty and some sort of tomboy at times and I love the colour black, the stripes give a cool effect as well, paired with some white sneakers it is a vibe. This time around I decided to smile though because I have been smirking and smizing. I barely ever smile in pictures, but here it is, the tomboy ending off with a smile.

So, tell me what was your favourite from these, I’d really like to know. Leave a comment.


Organic oils are basically oils that come from directly from earth to household use and are not mixed with anything chemical or mineralized (if it is mineralized it is normally known as mineral oils). As a natural-things person, I like searching ways to beautify myself naturally and that are not too heavy on the pocket, fortunately I have found that organic oils is the way to go as they have many specialized uses. Some uses are quite widely known, while others are not. I will be mentioning five of the most useful ways to use the three most common organic oils; coconut oil, castor oil and olive oil.

  • Coconut oil –
    Coconut oil is pretty popular for its many uses and it is a very, if not most, versatile organic oil to exist. It contains sources of monounsaturated fat that can help with the body and hair. It is also high in fatty acids which makes it an oil that is easier and quicker to absorb.
  1. Skin
    While it’s pretty obvious that almost all organic oils can be used for the skin, coconut oil is pretty useful in the fact that it moisturizes and also protects your skin from the UV rays of the sun. It is a lightweight formula which consists of a sun protection factor of 7, making it better to moisturize with than not moisturizing at all and having your skin exposed to a damaging environment. Another plus, is that it smells good.
  2. Hair
    At this point I’m sure we all know that coconut oil has quite an effect in the growth, maintenance and nourishment of hair. It’s fatty acids help to seal and protect the moisture in the hair strands, making it a good conditioner during wash day. Another thing is that even if your hair is not damp, it can help in repairing dry and brittle hair leaving your hair protected and maintainable enough to comb out, only if it is warm though.
  3. Stretch Marks
    While some have come to start embracing their stretch marks, others pretty much still struggle with them and have been looking up ways to make them less visible. A way to do this (one that I have found to work for my mom, as I’m the type to embrace them) is mixing coconut oil, methylated spirits and glycerin then applying it directly on those stretch marks.
  4. Eating
    Pretty weird that coconut oil has become popular in helping hair and skin that some people have not even known it can be useful for eating too (I used to be one of them). Well, coconut is also for digesting, and if you happen to run out of fish oil or sunflower oil, coconut oil is quite an alternative. What also helps with it is that it is lightweight more than most oils, such as vegetable oil, thus making it safer to cook with at a high temperature.
  5. Shaving
    Perhaps you’ve run out of shaving cream but you’re feeling quite hairy and would just really like to get back to that silky feel. Well, if you have enough coconut oil, no stress – you have yourself an alternative. Simply melt 500ml, leave it to lukewarm temperature then apply on your skin and shave. Try to take a warm bath/shower before you shave though so that your body is still warm enough for the oil, or if not then shave quickly as the oil can harden after some time.
  • Castor oil –
    Castor oil is another great oil that has various uses. It has just about the same versatility as coconut oil though it has a thicker and less watery consistency as compared to coconut oil, and can be known to be a vegetable oil while also having medicinal, bodily and digestive uses.
  1. Hair.
    Castor oil is great with hair, more so Jamaican Black Castor Oil. It’s thick and ‘gooey’ texture manages to also thicken hair and deeply nourish it for the longest time. It has stimulants that help to strengthen hair and help with thinning and dryness. It is also one of the best oils to use for pre-pooing as the nourishment will protect the strands and prevent many chemicals from trying to damage your hair, while leaving your hair smelling soo good.
  2. Nails.
    An underrated use for castor oil is that it also helps with growing nails. Nails and hair are known to be similar as they both contain a fibrous protein known as keratin; so if it can strengthen and protect the hair then it may as well do the same with nails. If you’re looking for ways to grow your nails or strengthen them after experiencing harsh conditions (e.g- removal of acrylic nails), then castor oil will be your best friend. Simply warm it up and dip your fingers for ten minutes daily, or if you lack patience then apply it as you would a nail polish.
  3. Laxative.
    Well this is no surprise that castor oil can also be used as a laxative, but what does it have to do with beauty, right? Well the secret to looking good is feeling good, you still have to work and make happy your internal organs in order for your external organs (skin and beauty whatnots) to be happy too. Castor oil thus helps your digestive system against consipation which is defs not a nice feeling, and it can be purchased at your nearest pharmacy.
  4. Wound-healer
    If you were to ever cut yourself in the kitchen but you can’t find any ointment after washing it out, then don’t worry, castor oil has your back (or finger). As mentioned before castor oil has strengthening stimulants which are really helpful for hair, nails as well as skin. Castor oil will nourish your skin while working to repair any damaged skin cells caused by bruises and cuts and preventing any infections, so ultimately it is good a wound-healer.
  5. Feet
    As I’ve been mentioning, the heavyweight formula of castor oil also helps in nourishing skin cells, so moisturizing your feet with castor oil will sure do the job of softening them and deeply nourishing to the point where they can be easy to exfoliate which will help to remove those dead skin cells and leaving them soft.
  • Olive oil –
    Olive oil is another useful organic oil which serves as a nourishment for many bodily things. In my personal opinion I would say that olive oil is basically a mixture of coconut oil and castor oil; not too heavy yet not too light either, but it still does the job to nourish and maintain health on your body.
  1. Hair.
    As you know by now all organic oils are significant in the growth and nourishment of hair, olive oil included. Olive is one of the best organic oils for hair as its main job is to leave hair shining and well-nourished. Unlike other organic oils, olive oil lasts long and you’ll barely worry about your hair being sticky or heavy. It is also an awesome scalp massager, helping to nourish the scalp as well, thus preventing dandruff.
  2. Body.
    Olive oil is helpful for your skin as well because the thick consistency helps in deeply nourishing the skin while actively improving some skin conditions such as eczema and any skin irritation. Make sure to rub the affected areas everyday and most probably within a week you’ll see a major improvement.
  3. Oil Pulling
    Another underrated use for organic oils is oil-pulling (also known as kavala) which is an ancient act of swishing a spoon of oil in your mouth for about 20 minutes, while making sure you are extremely hungry while doing it. It is a way to whiten teeth while inhibiting bad breath by drawing out any toxins, thus improving your oral health. I find that olive oil works best as it is not too lightweight nor too heavyweight; just right to swish around my gums.
  4. Exfoliating.
    If you’ve been feeling that your skin is pretty musty or just needs some exfoliating, olive oil can be of great help. Simply mix it with some brown sugar and apply on your skin then brush it out making sure to gather all the dead skin cells, then wash off with warm water and apply a good moisturizer. This will leave your skin smooth, nourished and very clean.
  5. Make up Remover
    So you’ve happened to have applied some make up and you’d just like to remove it but cannot find any make up removers. Even water won’t do the trick. Yelp, what now? No worries, if you have olive oil in the cupboard, just dab a bit of it on a cotton ball or pad and apply to the area with make up. Within 10 seconds, you’re all good and all you need to do is wash your face and moisturize.

Do you know any other uses for organic oils? Let me know down below.

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